Sleeve for Scaffold Bolt

  • Pin material: the expansion sleeve is made of high quality nylon.
  • Base material : concrete, natural stone, full ceramic brick, full silicate brick, concrete blocks.
  • The price is for 100 pieces.


  • fixing wall scaffoldings,
  • fastening tension ropes and chains,
  • ad mounting.


  • quick and easy assembly and disassembly,
  • possibility of fixing through a insulation layer.
Product Details

Product CodeAnchor Diameter (mm)Anchor Length (mm)Thread Length (mm)Eye Diameter (mm) Working Length (mm)Box PackingOuter PackingRecommended Load (kN)
TNP14075 L148575235018004,50
TNP14100 L1411010023506004,50
TNP14135 L1414513523506004,50
TNP14185 L1419518523506004,50