Anchor for Aerated Concrete

  • Pin material: the expansion anchor is made of ordinary steel, carbon steel and covered with a layer of galvanized steel not less than 5µm thick.
  • Base material: concrete, natural stone, full ceramic brick, full silicate brick, aerated concrete.
  • The price is for 100 pieces.


  • fixing light clamps for hydraulic and electrical installations,
  • wiring fastening.


  • quick and easy assembly,
  • ribbing and four-way strut causes permanent and strong fastening, especially in soft surfaces such as aerated concrete,
  • ribbing inside the anchor enables screwing in.
Product Details

Product CodeHole Diameter (mm)Anchor Length (mm)Screw Diameter (mm)Min. Hole Depth (mm)Box PackingOuter Packing
TME 060327-9323,5 – 4,0382003600
TME 0803810-12383,5 – 4,0461001800
TME 0806010-12604,5 – 5,068100900
TME 1006012-14606,0 – 8,06850900