TUP All-Purpose Nylon Sleeve with screw

  • Material of the dowel: Expansion sleeve with flange made of nylon, and the screws are made of ordinary steel, carbon steel and are covered with a layer of zinc not less than 5µm thick.
  • Base material: concrete, natural stone, full ceramic brick and perforation, full silicate brick with gaps, aerated concrete.
  • The price is for 100 pieces


  • fixings for lighting, motion detectors, wall shelves, handles, mirrors, paintings, letter boxes, curtain rods
  • fixing electric and hydraulic clamps, fixing bathroom fittings


  • the possibility of expansion in 4 sides in substrates with voids guarantees a firm attachment
  • nylon stud ensures durability and safety
  • the pin collar prevents it from slipping in too far
  • special shape prevents the peg from rotating in the hole
  • highest fastening security in the case of plastic dowels in porous substrates
Product Details

Product CodeDrill Hole Diameter (mm)Plug length (mm)Screw Diameter/Length (mm)Min. Hole Depth (mm)Box PackingOuter PackingRecommended Load (kN)
TUPS060306304,0 x 4004-Feb10018000,40
TUPS060406404,0 x 5014-Feb10018000,60
TUPS080508505,0 x 7024-Feb509000,60
TUPS1006010606,0 x 80Mar-00254501,00