Steel Drywall Anchor

Galvanized steel.

Substrate material: gypsum plasterboards and other thin-walled substrates such as: channel boards, Ackerman, Fert and Teriva ceilings, wood-based panels, gypsum fiber boards.

Thread diameter: 4 mm.

The price is for 100 pcs.


  • ideal for mounting in thin walls, behind which there is a void,
  • fixing pictures, devices, lighting, furniture, shelves, curtain rods, wooden and cable strips to plasterboards,
  • fixing of fireproof cabling.


  • anti-rotation lock during installation,
  • four support arms increase the clamping radius,
  • simple and quick assembly and disassembly,
  • wide pad increases pressure distribution and covers any irregularities in the holes made,
  • corrosion protection against galvanizing.
  • non-flammable fixing.
Product Details

Product CodeDrill Hole Diameter (mm)Anchor Length (mm)Max. Fixture Thickness (mm)Wall Thickness (mm)Box PackingOuter Packing
THW0402582580 – 52003200
THW04045845168 – 161001600
THW040508501716 – 231001600
THW040658652018 – 321001600
THW050451045176 – 131001600
THW050601060268 – 161001600
THW0507010703016 – 32100800
THW060601360357 – 16100800
THW0607013703016 – 32100800

THW Hollow Wall Anchors Steel Drywall Anchor