Door/Window Frame Anchor

  • Pin material : expansion sleeve made of ordinary galvanized carbon steel up to 5µm.
  • Base material: concrete, natural stone, full ceramic and checker brick, full silicate brick, lightweight concrete
  • The price is for 100 pieces.


  • metal frame fastening of frames,
  • fixing door and window frames,
  • fastening wooden slats.


  • during installation, it does not pull the window frame to the ground,
  • galvanized anchor sleeve up to 20µm, which ensures good corrosion resistance,
  • non-flammable fixing.
Product Details

Product CodeDrill Hole Diameter (mm)Anchor Length (mm)Max. Fixture Thickness (mm)Min. Hole Depth (mm)Box PackingOuter PackingRecommended Load (kN)
TMFA 10072107242301005001,50
TMFA 10092109262301006001,50
TMFA 101121011282301005001,50
TMFA 1013210132102301002501,50
TMFA 1015210152122301002501,50
TMFA 1018210182152301002501,50
TMFA 1020210202172301002501,50