TCM420C PRO – Hybrid Vinylester Styrene Free

  • capacity of 420 ml
  • anchoring resin for the highest loads, dedicated for deep gluing,
  • does not react with water,
  • for all types of building constructions.


  • bonding threaded and reinforcing bars in concrete, reinforced concrete and natural stone,
  • anchoring all types of building structures, supporting columns, substructures and devices,
  • anchoring of storage racks and shelf foot covers,
  • anchoring release thresholds and storage infrastructure,
  • anchoring barriers, handrails, gates, curtains and fence panels,
  • anchoring barriers, acoustic screens and barriers in road infrastructure.


  • transferring the highest loads in non-cracked concrete,
  • after curing, it does not react with chemicals and water,
  • unscented resin – does not contain styrene,
  • resin dedicated for deep bonding of threaded and reinforcing bars,
  • the possibility of using resin in moist holes,
  • a wide range of TCS anchor rods, galvanized, hot-dip galvanized steel and stainless steel,
  • can be used at low temperatures down to -10˚C at a resin temperature of min. + 20 ° C.


Product Details

Product CodeRecommended Type of SubstrateCapacity (ml)Box PackagingFor Use with:
TCM420C PROConcrete, Stone42012TCM420MTP