Internally threaded sleeve

Steel sleeve with internal thread for chemical anchor with thread diameter from M6 to M12 The sleeve with internal thread is a component of the chemical anchor used in all assembly situations in which it is required to dismantle the mounted element.


The sleeve can be used for all substrates, both solid, such as: concrete and stone, and with empty spaces: porotherm, perforated brick, silicon, floor blocks, etc. When installing in hollow substrates, it should be used together with a plastic or steel sleeve mesh with appropriate dimensions (TPS, TMS) Internal threaded sleeves are used in conjunction with a metric screw of appropriate diameter, threaded rod or threaded pin.


  • option to disassemble the anchored element and then reassemble it
  • can be used for all substrates (use of a mesh sleeve is recommended for porous materials)
Product Details

Product Code Thread Diameter (mm) Outer Diameter of Sleeve (mm) Drill Hole Diameter (mm) Sleeve Length (mm) Box Packing Outer Packing
TIS06 6 8 10 50 100 1000
TIS08 8 12 12 80 50 500
TIS10 10 14 16 80 50 250
TIS12 12 16 18 80 25 25