Insulation Anchor for soft Rockwool Fixing

  • Pins for fastening wool with a TGT IS200 and LV 600M nailer
  • Plate diameter: 90 mm
  • Type of substrate material: concrete, steel, brick
  • The price is for 100 pieces
  • Nail length: 47 mm


  • fast fastening of thermal insulation boards using TRUTEK TIF60 and TIF90 connectors
  • TRUTEK TIF60 connectors are dedicated for fixing hard insulation boards made of expanded polystyrene, the so-called styrofoam
  • TRUTEK TIF90 connectors are dedicated for fixing boards and mats of soft insulation, e.g. made of mineral wool
  • fixings in concrete, steel, ceramic and silicate full brick
  • fixing thermal insulation boards up to 200mm thick


  • work speed – setting directly in the ground without drilling in the ground and in the insulating material
  • automatic gas withdrawal from the container, which is sufficient for approx. 1,200 deposits
  • highest safety of work with the fastening tool, protection against unwanted firing of gas charge
  • battery powered nail gun that allows 4000 seats at a temperature of approx. + 20 ° C
  • lack of power cords increases safety and comfort of work
  • high performance up to 800 deposits per hour 90J shot energy,
Product Details

Product CodeType of Substrate MaterialInsulation Thickness (mm)Nail LengthBox PackingOuter Packing
TIF90080Concrete/Steel/Brick80522508 000
TIF90100Concrete/Steel/Brick100522508 000
TIF90120Concrete/Steel/Brick120522006 400
TIF90140Concrete/Steel/Brick140522006 400
TIF90150Concrete/Steel/Brick150521504 800
TIF90160Concrete/Steel/Brick160521504 800
TIF90180Concrete/Steel/Brick180521003 200
TIF90200Concrete/Steel/Brick200521003 200