HDLM Anchor for Extreme Loads – Bolt

  • WARNING! Goods available on request!
  • The price is for 100 pieces.


  • The anchor is intended for fastening elements of building structures, heavy devices etc. in the scope of high loads.
  • fastening of dynamically loaded structural elements (vibrations, wind),
  • basic anchor for fixing all types of steel constructions to concrete base in cracked and non-cracked concrete


  • high parameters ensuring secure fastening in cracked and non-cracked concrete
  • the highest load-bearing and shear loads among mechanical anchors
  • anchors in seismic zones of categories C1 and C2 (M8-M24)
  • Simple assembly without special tools
  • the anchor can be completely disassembled – only the ring and expansion cone remain in the hole
  • fire resistance R30-R120 (M6-M24)
Product Details

Product CodeDrill Hole Diameter (mm)Anchor Length (mm)Max. Fixture Thickness (mm)Min. Hole Depth (mm)Box Packing
HDLM 10/101075106550
HDLM 10/301095306550
HDLM 10/5010115506550
HDLM 12/101287108050
HDLM 12/3012107308050
HDLM 12/5012127508025
HDLM 15/1515108159525
HDLM 15/2515118259525
HDLM 15/4515138459525
HDLM 18/10181171010520
HDLM 18/20181272010520
HDLM 18/40181474010520
HDLM 24/20241522013010
HDLM 24/50241825013010
HDLM 28/10**281721016010
HDLM 28/30**281923016010
HDLM 28/60**28222601605