TPHL Nylon Sleeve

  • Plug material: heavy duty expansion bushing made of nylon.
  • Base material: concrete, natural stone, full ceramic brick and perforation, full silicate brick with gaps, aerated concrete.
  • The price is for 100 pieces


  • fixings for lighting, motion detectors, wall shelves, handles, mirrors, paintings, letter boxes, curtain rods, electric and hydraulic clamps
  • hydraulic fittings
  • universal fixings in various substrates


  • the possibility of spreading in 4 sides guarantees stronger wedging in the ground
  • The nylon material of the stud guarantees durability and safety
  • the pin collar prevents it from slipping in too far
  • special shape prevents the peg from rotating in the hole
  • highest fastening security for plastic dowels
Product Details

Product Code Drill Hole Diameter (mm) Plug length (mm) Screw Diameter (mm) Min. Hole Depth (mm) Box Packing Outer Packing Recommended Load (kN)
TPHL06S04040N 6 30 4,5 x 40 04-Feb 100 1900 0,20
TPHL08S05050N 8 40 5,0 x50 14-Feb 50 900 0,60
TPHL10S06060N 10 50 6,0 x 60 24-Feb 25 450 1,20