• Single setting tool with power control,
  • Nail length 16-62 mm.
  • Substrate material: concrete, steel, solid ceramic brick, full silicate brick.


  • individual fastening of partition wall profiles to concrete and steel,
  • individual fixings in the electrical industry and sanitary installations,
  • individual fastenings for flashings during facade assembly,
  • single fastening of steel and trapezoidal sheets to steel structures,
  • individual fastenings in concrete and steel with nails from 12 mm to 62 mm in length (up to 92 mm after drilling a hole in concrete).


  • speed of work – embedding directly in the ground without the need for drilling both in the ground and in the mounted material,
  • automatic reloading of powder charge in belts of 10 pieces, which allows for 10 fastenings without loading,
  • simple operation and maintenance,
  • highest safety of work with the fastening tool, protection against unwanted firing of powder charge.
  • light and smallest nail gun from the group of powder guns.
Product Details

Product Code Cartridge Calibre Head Diameter (mm) Tool Weight (kg) Magazine Nail Length/Single (mm) Tool Length
LV350 6.8/11 (Strip) 8 2,35 – /16-62 340