Flat Ultra-Thin Abrasive Wheels for Cutting of Steel


  • for use in hand-held angle grinders and stationary electric cutters,
  • ultra thin blades for cutting thin-walled steel sections and sheets,
  • cutting discs for bars, steel sections and casting machining,
  • discs for grinding steel, castings, stripping edges and smoothing welds.


  • long life and high efficiency,
  • mixed alumina grain – A without iron and chlorine,
  • ultra thin blades ensure fast cutting with low material loss and less heat emission.
Product Details

Product Code Disc Dimensions D x H x d [mm] Maximum Operating Speed (rev/min) Colour label Box Packing Weight (kg/pcs)
TAMF125/1.0C 125×1.0×22.2 12200 Blue 25 0,03
TAMF125/1.6C 125×1.6×22.2 12200 Blue 25 0,04
TAMF230/2.0C 230×2.0×22.2 6600 Blue 25 0,183