Throughbolt – Segment Anchor ETA Approved

Product Description

  • Expansion, Torque controlled Through Fixing
  • Designed for mounting in the medium load elements of building structures , facades , barriers , railings etc. ,
  • Drilling and installing directly through the fixture which helps accuracy and labour element.
  • Expansion clip expands developing frictional grip within the drill hole walls.
  • Equipped with anti rotation expansion clip
  • For us in dry indoor application or temporary outside applications.

Technical Features

  • TT anchors are made of ordinary carbon steel in the class of mechanical properties by 6.8 . PN – EN ISO 898-1 : 2001 and are covered with a layer of zinc with a thickness of not less than 5 .mu.m
  • Suitable for use in Dry Indoor conditions


Base Materials

  • Elevation barriers
  • Racking/Storage
  • Stadium seating
  • Steel and Timber framework
  • Façade Systems
  • Brickwork support angles
  • Brick ties
  • Column base plates
  • Handrails
  • Balustrading
  • Non Cracked and Crakced concrete of mon. C20/25 class.
  • Natural Stone
  • Solid Clay Brick
DescriptionDrill ØAnchor LengthDrill depthEffective embeddmentFixture thicknessFixture clearance ØInstallation TorqueHead across flat
TX Throughbolt M8/5x608605540593013
TX Throughbolt M8/10x6586555401093013
TX Throughbolt M8/20x7587555402093013
TX Throughbolt M8/30x8588555403093013
TX Throughbolt M8/40x9589555404093013
TX Throughbolt M8/50x105810555405093013
TX Throughbolt M8/60x115811555406093013
TX Throughbolt M8/75x130813055407593013
TX Throughbolt M8/100x1558155554010093013
TX Throughbolt M10/5x85108575605125017
TX Throughbolt M10/10x901090756010125017
TX Throughbolt M10/20x10010100756020125017
TX Throughbolt M10/30x11010110756030125017
TX Throughbolt M10/40x12010120756040125017
TX Throughbolt M10/50x13010130756050125017
TX Throughbolt M10/80x16010160756080125017
TX Throughbolt M12/5x90129075605147019
TX Throughbolt M12/15x10012100756015147019
TX Throughbolt M12/30x11512115756030147019
TX Throughbolt M12/35x12012120756035147019
TX Throughbolt M12/50x13512135756050147019
TX Throughbolt M12/80x16512165756080147019
TX Throughbolt M12/90x17512175756090147019
TX Throughbolt M12/100x185121857560100147019
TX Throughbolt M12/135x220122207560135147019
TX Throughbolt M16/15x1251612510080151813024
TX Throughbolt M16/40x1501615010080401813024
TX Throughbolt M16/50x1601616010080501813024
TX Throughbolt M16/100x21016210100801001813024