Concrete Anchor ETA Approved

Product Description

The TAB Concrete Bolt is a self-tapping multi-substrate anchor. The thread is designed to provide positive anchorage over the full embedmentof the anchor. There is no expansion which enables close to edge fixing.

Technical Features

  • very short installation time, up to 50% shorter compared with traditional anchors,
  • easy and fast anchor removal
  • distribution of stresses on the entire hole depth in the base,
  • absence of installation stresses.

Anchor bar material:

TAB anchors are made of regular carbon steel of the mechanical property class S.8. with min. 5µm zin c coating.


Base Materials

  • designed for fastening of lightweight structures arranged temporarily, e.g. falsework, board platforms etc.,
  • fastening of lift shaft protective barriers
  • fastening of cable tracks and mechanical installations

Non-cracked concrete of min. Cl0/25 class.

DescriptionDrill HoleLengthDrill depthEffective EmbedmentFixture thicknessFixture clearanceInstallation TorqueHead across flatThread diameterHex HeadHex flangeC/Sunk Trox
TAB Concrete bolt M10/10x7587575651012301510✅ T40
TAB Concrete bolt M10/35x100810075653512301510✅ T40
TAB Concrete bolt M10/65x130813075656512301510✅ T40
TAB Concrete bolt M10/85x150815075658512301510✅ T40
TAB Concrete bolt M12/25x1001010085752514401712✅ T40
TAB Concrete bolt M12/45x1201012085754514401712✅ T40
TAB concrete bolt M12/55x1301013085755514401712✅ T40
TAB Concrete bolt M12/75x1501015085757514401712✅ T40
TAB Concrete bolt M14/5x1001210010595516501914-
TAB Concrete bolt M14/25x12012120105952516501914-
TAB Concrete bolt M14/35x13012130105953516501914-
TAB Concrete bolt M14/55x15012150105955516501914-
TAB Concrete bolt M14/105x200122001059510516501914-
TAB Concrete bolt M16/5x12014120125115518602416-
TAB Concrete bolt M16/15x130141301251151518602416-
TAB Concrete bolt M16/35x150141501251153518602416-